Monday, April 06, 2009

INTROduct zine 10 YEARS

Brazilian Street Art, skateboard art and related start in 97 as a digital webzine in the roots days of web togheter with my great friend Nei Sobral aka marginalink and become a fulltime xeroxcopie zine full of collages and pics, edit by alexandre cruz "Sesper" besides some rare brazilian graffiti mags this is a organized list of some finest brazilian artists early days work, active from early 1998 till late 1999, so feel free to ask, check and have fun... i always have when remember this stuff! list of artists: O?, john dacasa, silvana mello, carlos dias, plinio higuti, alexandre vianna, thomas spicoli, rafael lain, rafael small talk, gustavo sonique, farofa, sample, alexandre sorriso, sesper early files , tinho, rahsaan roland kirk, homero nogueira.
its a cool time i live in the santa cruz neighborhood in sao paulo skating and playing shows every weekend and hang out a lot at ipiranga , sao caetano , vila mariana, saude, cambuci all this hoods with friends that you can check in the zines that i will start to upload for you guys now!

it's raw and honest as a zine is suposed to be!

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