Monday, April 06, 2009

iNTROduct fanzine # 2 : mid '98

this is the second issue of the INTRoduct zine ... same layout ... same ideas... i can read the url at the front cover:

but 404 request only... sad i will love to see the webversion nowdays :) and back to the front cover theres a rich jacobs ripoff from transworld mag i think sorry bro i love you art always !!!
and following the brazilian selections lets go:

plinio higuti, sesper early pics, thomas spicolli amazing drawings, sesper early collages, rafael from small talk band, gustavo sonique, silvana mello, it's all here collage, drawings , sketches, pictures, pictures of pictures and lifes go on...

INTROduct fanzine # 2 : DOWNLOAD HERE!

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