Monday, April 06, 2009

INTROduct fanzine # 1 : early '98

this zine start after a try to be an online zine in sao paulo brasil 1997, togheter with my friend marginalink. MARGINALINK SITE!!!
but the updates will be like a nightmare at that time using starmedia technologies ;) yeah its a really old story...
so i start to do this half size xerox copied zine early 1998, because i think at this time this people need some exposition (well i dont think the zine will supply the lack of propaghanda for these dudes at this time but you know ... THE SPIRIT of youth....)
back to the first issue:
its a 6 years old sesper draw @ the cover, on the second page you have the brazilian legend... O?... and his total street scripts and amazing supernatural draws... hard to find nowdays... john dacasa superfriendly and nice dude total brazilian old school south sao paulo...we go on with some Alexandre Vianna lifestyle photography that kicks ass check out the new issue of his magazine %SKATE ... thomas spicolli has some stuf here too with his unique style that makes the Fun people and BBkid artwork so distinct...amazing carlos dias old school draws here well no need to say they kick ass and balls ... some amazing draw and collage from silvana mello here too, to be honest one of my fave collage she did ever ;) the skate girl... some plinio higuti photo test here check plinios videowork here... rafael lain and some sketches no words... santos skater photographer alexandre sorriso secret skatespot shot...hellis from bizus memo and some farofa dudes before sesper...

i never sold the zine if you get by my hand unless thru online sales they charge shipping and handling so i think its honest share this now with you all

well thats it the first hit hope you enjoy :)

INTROduct fanzine # 1 : DOWNLOAD HERE!

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