Wednesday, March 04, 2009

vallejo x sunset soundtrack download

this is the soundtrack for a short film during my 22 days visit in los angeles and san francisco in february 2009 for doing an artshow, meet old and new friends, ride skateboards for fun, good music and good food... well good weed too :D
all song ideas rewritten thru february 2009 in l.a. and s.f. in my head, because i have no instruments there so i have to sing the melodies over and over to make sure i will not forget well some stuff changed i have to agree but ... still true, recorded february at home in s.p. during the carnival of the same year by my great friend sergio lopes on a totally lo fi homemade style... vallejo x sunset: is sesper guitar and compositions ... slop beats and recordings!

1. sunset 2. no call or contact 3. short short song 4. hot wired my mind 5. good for me 6. missing 7. outro

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