Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sesper fave audio files 1: code-of-honor-beware-savage-jaw

sf skate rock classic ;)

Code of Honor were a Northern California punk rock band who sort of formed out of the ashes of Sick Pleasure, whom they shared a split LP with more than 20 years ago. The band was formed by Michael D. Fox, who was one of the two founders of Subterranean Records, and who played in more than his share of bands back in the day, as well as recording quite a few as well in his studio.

Label: Subterannean Records
Released: 1984

1. Beware the Savage Jaw
2. I Killed the Dove
3. Downtown
4. Education
5. The Ballad of One-Eyed Jack and the Backhand Kid
6. Too Much for One Man
7. Not If I Can Help It
8. House of Others
9. Don't Tell Me
10. Waiting Always
11. No Room to Cry
12. This Day
13. Beware the Savage Jaw (reprise)

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