Sunday, March 29, 2009


em 1990 eu troquei algumas cartas com michael do meatfly ex heresy e ripcord sao essas imagens abaixo uma das turmas mais visionarias do hardcore da inglaterra sem duvida...

Meatfly is another branch on the Heresy family tree, and one as great as Force Fed. Looks like every band Kalv joined just becomes an essential monster of zer, just listen to the monstrous bass lines here. Meatfly deliver some crazy good UK HC with a metal and hard rock layer, expertly played and with nice melodic touches too, the singer's performance is really cool. Overall Meatfly could be described as a hybrid of a slower Heresy and a faster double dose of Motörhead x Discharge with the drive and catchiness of Scream.

download the albuns here:

japanese 7", UK 1991

1st LP + stranger 7", UK 1989/1990

fatness, UK 1992

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